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The Japan Society of Hong Kong was established in September 1962. It is a private, non-profit, non-political organization which includes the following objects:

(1) To promote and further the mutual understanding between the people of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Japan;
(2) To encourage public interest in the cultural achievements of Japan in the arts, literature, philosophy, science, history, language institutions, industries, life and social and economic matters and to provide scholarships and prizes in furtherance there of;
(3) To establish tuition classes, school and institutions for students to learn the Japanese language; and
(4) To organize speeches, exhibitions, assemblies and seminars for the promotion of the objects of the Society.

The Society was incorporated in Hong Kong as a company limited by guarantee on 26th January 2000.

The Consul-General of Japan in HKSAR for the time being and any person acting as such is the Honorary President of the Society. The Society from time to time invites prominent people to be Patron, Vice Patron and Honorary Vice Presidents.

The business and affairs of the Society is managed by a Council composing not more than 20 Directors who are elected from the membership at the Annual General Meeting of the Society. The Council consists of a President, Vice Presidents, Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Directors and a Secretary General. The Council has appointed 3 sub-committees: Social, Cultural and Academic Committees, to formulate guidelines and policies for the various activities of the Society.

Membership of the Society is at present over 1800 which include four types of members whose membership dues are as follows:

Type of Membership Entrance Fee Annual Subscription
Individual Member HK$200 HK$150
Couple Member HK$300 HK$200
Corporate Member HK$1,500 HK$1,500
Associate Member* - HK$30

* Only available to Japanese language course students

Any person interested in becoming a member of the Society is invited to complete the application form attached to this pamphlet and send it to the Secretary-General of the Society.


The Society organizes various activities like Japanese language course seminars, lectures, speech contest, social gatherings and outings.


Japanese Language Course
The Japanese Language Course was started in March 1968 as a language programme by the Japan Information & Cultural Centre of the Consulate-General of Japan, was taken over by the Japan Society of Hong Kong in January 2000 and the teaching facilities have been expanded considerably since then. There are various courses ranging from General Japanese Course to specific courses like Business Japanese Course and Preparatory Course for Japanese Language Proficiency Test Levels 1 & 2. Up to the year 2000, there are over 3,000 students graduated for the course.

31st Grasuation Ceremony of the Japanese Language Course

31st Graduation Ceremony of the Japanese Language Course

Hong Kong Japanese Language Speech Contest
The annual Hong Kong Japanese Language Speech Contest organized by the Society was started in 1975. Its aim is to promote and enhance the standard of the Japanese Language among Hong Kong's Japanese Language students and to arouse the public's awareness and interest in the study of the Japanese Language.


Hong Kong Japanese Language Speech Contest
Hong Kong Japanese Language Speech Contest

Japanese Studies Scholarship Programme
On its 30th anniversary in the year 1993, the Society established a scholarship Fund to enable Hong Kong residents to study in Japan. The scholarship fund was generously donated by the Hong Kong Japanese Club. The awards are open to candidates from various areas of studies, at degree or non-degree levels. This project has undoubtedly brought a closer tie between the people of Hong Kong and Japan culturally, socially, and academically.


Scholarship Presentation Ceremony
Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

Monthly Luncheon Speaking Engagement
Monthly Luncheon Speaking Engagement has been very successful and warmly supported by members. A wide range of topics ranging from cultural to economic subjects have been covered and we have invited professors, leading businessmen and government officials to be guest speakers of these luncheon. In addition, every year the Society organizes a large-scale luncheon inviting honorable guest speakers. Past speakers include the ex-prime minister of Japan, Mr. Kaifu and Japan's Ambassador to Beijing, Mr. Sato.


Monthly Luncheon Speaking Engagement
Monthly Luncheon Speaking Engagement

Japan Festival
In celebrating its 30th anniversary, the Society was one of the organizers of "The Japan Festival in Hong Kong" in 1993. That was the first time a Japan Festival was ever held in Hong Kong. It had included a Japanese traditional dolls exhibition, Ozumo (Japanese traditional wrestling), performance of Japanese contemporary theatrical play "The Great Doctor Yabuhara", and Urasenke tea ceremony demonstration, etc. Similar festivals have been organized by the Society in every three years since then. In 1999, the Third Japan Festival '99, supported by The Consulate-General of Japan, The Hongkong Japanese Club, The Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, The Hong Kong Tourist Association, The Japan Universities Alumni Society Hong Kong and The Japanese Restaurant Association was a great success. It included a wide selection of cultural programmes and exhibitions featuring traditional and modern Japanese culture, products and tourist attractions. It attracted much support from both the local community and the Japanese community in Hong Kong. In the future, the Society plans to organize a Japan Festival annually in various scales with a large-scale one to be organized every three years.

The Japan Festival
The Grand Opening Reception For The Japan Festival

The Japan Festival
The Japan Festival